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Guidelines for Uniform, Jewellery and Hairstyles

School uniform is compulsory. We feel that the recommendations indicate an outfit which is smart and appropriate for everyday wear, and encourages the students to identify with Astley Community High School by wearing its colours.

The list of essential items of school uniform has been kept as short as possible so that no undue strain should be put on any family’s finances. If the uniform is used only for school, and students change out of it during out-of-school hours, it will help to keep the uniform neat and tidy and reduce the need for replacement items.

Boys' Uniform

  • Royal blue sweater
  • Black trousers, standard length(not jeans or cords)
  • White shirt and school tie (not polo shirt)
  • Black shoes (not trainers)

Girls' Uniform

  • Royal blue sweater
  • Black skirt (standard length - no mini-skirts) or black trousers (straight legged and not hipsters, no jeans or in a jean style or leggings)
  • White blouse or shirt and school tie (not polo shirt and not fitted shirt)
  • Black Shoes (not trainers)
  • No fashion belts

Black shoes should be plain and formal. The following will not be accepted: Designer trainers with velcro fastening, canvas plimsolls, UGG type boots, Vans or platform shoes.

The following pdf files show images of the types of shoes that we WILL and WILL NOT accept:

Example boys' shoes we WILL accept

Example girls' shoes we WILL accept

Example boys' and girls' shoes we WILL NOT accept

Ties are available from Emblematic. A small stock of ties are available at school from the Finance Office. Price £4.00.

It is strongly recommended that all clothing should be clearly named.

The use of make-up and nail varnish is not to be encouraged but when used discretely, it will be acceptable. No fake eyelashes or nails.

Non-regulation jumpers/tops, if worn as coats, should be removed before entering the school building and put back on when leaving at the end of the school day. In particular, black cardigans are not allowed.

Uniform Ordering

Emblematic are our uniform and PE kit suppliers. All orders must be placed with Emblematic either by visiting their retail shop at Longbenton or by ordering online at each of our schools’ dedicated web pages listed on the Longbenton Store link at:

You can either collect your order from the Longbenton Store or arrange delivery to your home - please note: a delivery charge applies.

Emblematic Longbenton Shop
Unit 26 North Tyne Industrial Estate
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE12 9SZ

Phone: 0191 270 1449

Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 9am 5pm


The following guidelines apply. Please ensure that your son/daughter conforms with our expectations – if in any doubt, please telephone the school before you agree to a proposed change of hairstyle.

We will accept:

  • Short hair which is neat, tidy – number 2 cut or above on top.
  • Subdued, modified hair colouring which moderately changes the colour of hair shade.
  • Highlights used moderately to enhance the natural hair colour and tone.
  • Ethnic/cultural variations by agreement as discussed with a parent/carer.

We will not accept:

  • Hair cut extremely short and close to the scalp – number 1 cut or below.
  • Coloured, or natural hair extensions.
  • Tight plaited hairstyles or plaited hairstyles using differently coloured plaits or adorned with coloured beads or other ornamentation
  • Bleached or dyed hair that is extreme in colouring. Eg red or purple.
  • Extreme highlights which completely change the colour and tone of the hair.
  • Extremes such as spiky, ‘mohican’ or punk style – either natural or coloured.


Please note also our policy with regard to body-piercing.

  • One small stud earring in each ear is our policy.
  • No student will be allowed to attend with rings or studs in the nose, lips, tongue, eyebrows, etc.
  • Visible tattoos are also contrary to our dress code.
  • Students are permitted to wear wrist watches, one ring and one necklace.
  • All other jewellery (including bracelets) is forbidden.
  • All jewellery must be removed for P.E. This is a requirement of Sports Associations and Local Authority regulations.

In the event of a student breaching uniform, hairstyle or jewellery guidelines, parents/carers will be contacted and the Inclusion Room may be used until the situation is resolved. In this way we hope to maintain our high standards. 

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