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Year 9 Curriculum

Introduction to Year 9


Students arrive at Astley at the start of Year 9. For some subjects students embark on their Key Stage 4 courses at the start of Year 9. For other subjects, some time is taken in Year 9 to complete the Key Stage 3 course before commencing their Key Stage 4 courses. All Key Stage 4 courses start by Easter at the latest. Specific course details can be found below.

Both English Literature and English Language skills are embedded into the Year 9 curriculum. Students study fiction, non-fiction and media in preparation for their formal assessments. The Performing Arts lessons in Year 9 are used to enhance literacy and raise the profile and awareness of Speaking and Listening in preparation for GCSE. Poetry is studied to embed comprehension and analytical skills and project work is used to support cultural and social awareness. Library Study skills are delivered as a timetabled lesson by our English Specialists. Students learn about book filing systems and have time to read their chosen written material as well as directed material.

Students are put in ability sets according to the data received from the middle schools. 
All students start the GCSE Mathematics course in Year 9. Formal half termly assessments are recorded on the student flight path, which indicate a current and predicted grade. There are two tiers of entry for GCSE - higher and foundation. A three year GCSE in Mathematics should enable all students to access the new content at each tier of the 9-1 GCSE.

All students within year 9 study Science and are taught in ability groups based on data received from the middle schools. Science is delivered as separate lessons of Biology, Chemistry and Physics usually with a separate teacher for each subject area.

During the first term students study a transition program aimed at developing their confidence and understanding of the key principles of Science at Key Stage 3, in preparation for commencement of their GCSE work. Students will usually start work towards their GCSE’s part way through the first term and continue till the end of year 9.

At the end of year 9 students can opt to follow either the “Triple Science” route leading to separate GCSE’s for; Biology, Chemistry and Physics, or the “Dual Science” route leading to two combined Science Grades (but still based on work studied in Biology, Chemistry and Physics). The worked studied in year 9 is work common to both pathways.   (From Sept 2015)

All students commence their Key Stage 4 BTEC Level 2 ICT course at the start of Year 9. This is a three year course running through Year 9, Year 10 and year 11. Whilst other World Of Work courses such as Travel & Tourism and Business Studies are not available in Year 9, students are made aware of these during the Pathways Process.

The Year 9 Art course is designed to engage students in a broad range of activities which are designed to provide a meaningful experience and a sound base for progression to GCSE. In the Arts course students study projects in Painting and Drawing, Graphic Design, Sculpture, Textiles and Digital Design.

In the Design Technology course students follow a carousel between Food and Product Design getting equal amounts of time in each subject. The courses are designed to give students the opportunity to experience a wide range of skills, processes and materials in each area.

In Performing Arts students engage with a broad range of performance related activities in both Music and Drama including some which will draw the two disciplines together. Students will also learn some stage craft and auxiliary skills including costume, stage, set and props design.

Across the Arts and Technology faculty students commence their GCSE courses after Easter if they have opted for one or more of these subjects.

The Humanities courses encompass History, Geography, Religious Education and Modern Foreign Languages. In all cases students continue their Key Stage 3 studies through Year 9 up to Easter. After the Easter break students commence Key Stage 4 work - leading to a GCSE for those students that have opted to continue their studies of that subject in Year 10 and Year 11.

Core RE (including British Values)

Why study this course?

RE focuses on pupils valuing themselves and others. RE celebrates diversity in society by helping pupils understand similarities and differences. It promotes self-awareness, tolerance, respect, open-mindedness, appreciation and wonder. RE also helps pupils develop key skills such as communication, working with others and problem solving.

What will you study in this course?

Year 9 Core RE
In year 9 students look at three aspects within religion. They examine God and the beliefs about God within Christianity, Sikhism and Islam. The second area of study is founders and leaders. Students examine and compare and contrast the teachings of the founders/leaders of Christianity, Sikhism, Islam and Buddhism. Finally year 9 examine worship, community and lifestyles of Christians, Sikhs, Muslims and Buddhists.

How the course is assessed?

Students will be formally assessed through the completion of a test in each of the three terms. Students will also be assessed informally through the completion of homework and classwork.

For further information please contact Miss Gannon

In PE students continue to build on their knowledge and understanding of sports and sports related issues. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which involves activities such as football, rugby league, rugby union, badminton, swimming, personal-survival, trampolining, boxercise, netball, rounders, cricket and softball. Students are encouraged to develop their skills as a performer, coach and as an official in a wide variety of sports.

We have a strong tradition of producing high quality sports teams, especially in football, rugby league and netball. A number of our students have gone to receive county, national and international honours.

In the Summer term all year 9 students get the opportunity to visit Milkhope, which is our outward-bond centre, on a 2 day residential. They will be involved in activities such as orienteering, hill-walking and camping.

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